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Lockheed C-130

 M&S Machining Inc. may be best known for producing components for various Lockheed Martin C-130 platforms and projects. Our team at M&S was recently recognized by the Special Operations Command Strike Systems Branch Chief, Bradley E. Penn, for our support and contributions toward fielding the AC-130J Ghostrider Gunship.

Our experience with the aircraft ranges from:

  • Complete AC-130 Fuselage Man Door
  • C-130 Instrument Panel Upgrade
  • Monitor Swing Arm Assembly
  • Seat Rack Assembly
  • 105MM Cannon Pressure Closeout Kit
  • 105MM Ammo Rack Installation
  • Live Ammo Dud Dump
  • Mount Assembly
  • Various 5-Axis Machined Structural Components
  • Various Sheet Formed Components